A Trip to Germany

A Trip to Germany

Germany is one of the most interesting countries in the western Europe. It has many interesting aspects, as almost each leading country in this world. For example it is the most active and well-developed member of the European Union, supporting the Union’s economical stability by it’s powerful Germany News  economics, a great financial market and many more. But we as travelers are mostly interested in sightseeing and interesting places in it, but not the factors that should help us to decide whether we should settle up our living there or not.

The country is located in the middle of western Europe and has accesses to the North Sea and Baltic Sea, which are very popular among the Germans, but not very much by the visitors. The neighboring countries are Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. As you could see, the list of neighbors is quite impressive and with the forming of the European Union traveling from Germany to many other countries in Europe has become simple and quite affordable.

The weather conditions are surprising for those who got accustomed to living in a continental area. The country is quite a large one being one of the biggest in Europe. Although it cannot be compared to such countries as Russia, where you can find almost all climates. In Germany, you could hear that in one part of it in June stays the temperature above 30 centigrade and in the same time in another region – falls snow and not only falls, but keeps lying on the ground! You could probably hear from some international news casts that there is snow in Bavaria. Be sure that in the same time it rains in Dortmund. By the way, the best time to take a trip to Germany is summer. In the most areas of the country it rains all the winter time and most of the spring and autumn. Of course, those who are in love with ski and snowboard are surely welcome to the Bavarian Alps and Winterberg in Winter.

The major cities to visit in Germany are of course Berlin, the capital of Germany, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne and Düsseldorf being always concurrent cities and Bonn staying at the same time near and apart from this struggle, Frankfurt – a place where the Big Money is made, Leipzig, Dresden and of course, the world famous, represented in almost all Hollywood movies – small German towns. I’ve seen even once in a movie somebody “coming from Düsseldorf” and in the background of the actor there was a picture of small mountain town with German old-style small houses. Of course, Düsseldorf is a big city and not a small town and you would probably not find there those classical small houses striped with wooden girders painted black. Such small cities are simply charming with their German-style small houses, small cafes and restaurants, people, walking without any rush on the streets, perfect tidiness and beauty. You would probable not be able to find some dust with your finger on the central pavements of such cities – so perfectly clean and tidy are they.

The Germans are quite a so called multi-culti nation, who got accustomed to the representatives of the other nations already for a long time. After the second World War, this country welcomed everybody who wanted to take part in its rebuild process and that is why you would mention lots on other nations there. These are not tourists but mostly immigrants who speak normally their native tongue and of course German, so don’t be afraid to come up to a face that seems familiar to you and have a nice small-talk, or maybe find a friend, why not. And after all, English is basically learned at school and is mostly of quite a good speaking level among the natives. Anyways, Germans are quite a friendly nation, so even the language barriers shouldn’t be a problem in the communication.

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