Making Improvements to Army Sustainment in the New Defense Environment

Making Improvements to Army Sustainment in the New Defense Environment

The defense of our country lies with our armed forces. Army sustainment of military bases, weapons, tanks, and ships is required to keep our country well prepared. Sustaining equipment, vehicles and ammunition is more than just stock piling supplies. Besides making fn 5.7 sure that we have adequate inventory, the overseers must back sure that the supply we have on hand is operable or functional.

Sustainment of ammunition consists of storage, caring for items in stock, distribution and also oversight or in military terms surveillance. Surveying military inventory involves tasks like checking equipment for rust or corrosion. Testing propellants that may degrade as time passes and the testing of ammunition to confirm it’s usability.

Ammunition is one of the cheapest items for sustainment and because ammunition is a product used just one time, the overhead is mainly restricted to the cost of the item and transporting it to the storage facility. Ammunition is stored until it is needed, used and then replenished with restocking.

Planes, helicopters, tanks, ships, and other items require a different level of sustainment because they are used repeatedly in most situations. The Army Sustainment Command is headquartered west of Chicago on the Mississippi River and is also known as the ASC. The purpose is to assist field troops with logistical support.

Living in a country that has a history of helping other countries in need, defending their own country patriotically, and being a world leader, requires sustainment not only of equipment but of communications and technology in order to sustain our armed forces and the effectiveness of those forces. Since the time the ASC was established it has made improvements but still is in need of further enhancements to be optimally effective.

The biggest improvement that can be made is communication that crosses the lines across interdepartmental agencies providing the knowledge to the whole force rather than just an individual unit. So everyone is aware of what is in inventory, the condition of the item, who has it, and where it is needed.

With troops finishing wars and executing missions in over 40 countries, communication is the key to proper sustainment of our weapons, communications, and technology. Improving the standards of sustainability for equipment will ensure that we get the right equipment to where it is needed, fast. It will also ensure substandard ammunition and equipment is discarded and will never contribute to an unnecessary death during combat.

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