Outperform Competition in the Field by Deploying Rugged Tablet PCs

Outperform Competition in the Field by Deploying Rugged Tablet PCs

Time is money. Nowhere is that a greater business pressure than for companies whose profitability is ultimately based on field work. With a broadly mobile work force, you already rely on tablet PCs to facilitate communication. But to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business, you have to capture every opportunity to increase productivity and accuracy.

You can invest in any number of new Geniatech Panel PC software applications, but you’re dead in the water without connectivity that’s reliable, where and where it’s needed, so your field personnel can actually use the applications.

You might be operating a private utility or telecommunications company, managing service or repair technicians, or working in transportation, delivery or other supply chain logistics. Enhancing the way you use tablet PCs to plan and carry out your work can help you thrive, not just survive, in today’s dynamic business climate.

Comprehensive, real-time data puts you ahead of the pack.

Ruggedized tablet PCs can reliably handle any less-hospitable or downright hostile working environment. They can interface with virtually any off-the-shelf or enterprise-specific applications to ensure seamless integration throughout your operation. Not just in the field, but in the office, in vehicles, wherever and whenever your people are working.

Rugged tablets have superior computing power. They’re convenient — an easily portable all-in-one tool that replaces an armload of other equipment. They’re ergonomically designed for comfortable use even when the hours are long, and they have long-life batteries to ensure they’re still working at the end of the day, whenever that finally comes. They have screens big enough and contrast-appropriate for any indoor or outdoor light conditions from near-dark dim to sharp sunlight.

Using tablets with GPS, barcode or RFID readers and imaging capabilities, your field crews can collect and instantly upload technical data or customer information, making it available right away to anyone who needs it. Crews can communicate via voice, too.

You can manage assets and inventory, so field work gets done faster, and done right the first time. Your people can retrieve how-to documents or schematics or look up anything else they need while they’re onsite. Eliminating repeat visits for parts or to correct mistakes saves you money and positively impresses customers. Eliminating paperwork that wastes time and invites mistakes increases productivity and customer satisfaction, too.

Dispatchers can manage routing and scheduling, and relay updates immediately. Reducing miles driven lowers fuel consumption, stretches the need for routine maintenance and increases fleet lifespan.

Public-sector operations face the same challenges.

The same smart business improvements that enhance private sector field-based operations apply to public entities, too. You may not face “competition” in the traditional sense, but municipal departments and government agencies are still competing for vanishing dollars and other diminishing resources. And you’re experiencing the same increasing demands from citizen-customers, who expect ever greater speed and accuracy.

Your public expects you to be technologically up to date, too, with greater online presence and interaction, so they can look up accounts, pull informative usage reports, pay their bill, etc. On top of all that, many of your people play critical roles in emergency response, and when that happens, you have to communicate instantly with players outside your usual system.

Rugged tablet PCs are the vital link that facilitates communication and productivity for every type of public or private field work. Just what you need to make the most of a slender budget and remain ahead of the competition.

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