Outsourcing Auto Detailing Services at Auto Dealerships

Outsourcing Auto Detailing Services at Auto Dealerships

Automotive dealerships are notorious for outsourcing services, both services they sell to the customers and those operations they do in-house on their own vehicles. Take for instance auto detailing; each new car coming off the truck must be detailed prior to being placed auto detailing service on the lot. Each car that is traded in during the sales process must also be detailed in order to be put onto the used-car lot or sold at the auto auction.

This requires a full-time staff to detail all the cars at the auto dealership. Unfortunately, with unemployment so low and a shortage of auto technicians in the auto dealership industry this is not always possible therefore many auto dealerships have looked towards auto detailing companies to outsource all their work to.

Outsourcing auto-detailing services at auto dealerships is very common. It also makes a very good business. For over 2 decades my company has been involved with wholesale auto detailing at auto dealerships on an outsourced basis.

This is done by commandeering a couple of bays at the auto dealership and detailing all the cars on the property. Although the auto dealerships are slow to pay their bills and wished to get a very low price the amount of volume is truly incredible and therefore over all both the outsourced company and the auto dealership find a win/win situation in this arrangement. Consider all this in 2006.

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