Selecting a Compost Method

Selecting a Compost Method

When thinking about starting to make your own compost there are a few things you need to consider. Although compost can be a very rewarding use of old plants and garden waste you will hammer mill need to consider where to keep the compost container and also what style of container it will be.

There are 2 main types of container you can have:

1. A Static Holding Compost Bin

This type of bin is just a container or an area where you can store the garden waste to turn into compost. A good example of this would a static compost bin where you would simply put your waste in and let it decompose over time and turn into a good compost that you can re-use. The benefit of using this kind of bin is that it could be as simple as an area that you have fenced off with chicken wire or an old water butt turned into a container. This method is cheap, cheerful and does what is required with no fuss.

2. A Rotating Compost Bin

This style you will have to purchase from your local hardware store or garden supply shop. It consists of a drum attached to a frame with a small opening in the side into which you can deposit you waste. The drum is supported so that you are able to turn it over which will help the compost mix together. This process will allow your compost to become richer and blend more quickly. Rather than having a static bin or storage area which you have to fork over regularly, the rotating bin is compact and does the job well.

You can put any types of garden waste into a compost bin. Plants, flowers, grass, leaves and even wood chippings too. If you have any items that are bulky then you could think to purchase a chipper shredder [] which will do a great job of breaking down the waste items into smaller pieces which are perfect for adding to your compost. Wood chip also makes a good decoration for your garden if your compost bin is too full – but try to reuse as much as possible.

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