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How we are to use and interpret our sell iphone singapore in nature and human behavior in conjunction with the living word of God via the Bible are described in expansive detail through-out the book. The role of counselors and how we test and verify information to form our world view is addressed.

Reactionary Essay

In my opinion, this book is relevant to my world view and the way I will counsel my clients. An excellent point that I will ascribe to is using various methods of Christian theology in conjunction with the counseling methods such as Rogerian, Adlerian, and Cognitive Behavioral Theories. I agree that these theories are can be integrated along with the Holy words of God through- out the scriptures. Although many of the theories are not Christian based, I believe that they hold some “Surface level” truths that are vital to our understanding and application of counseling. For instance, even non- Christians recognize the beauty and splendor of God’s creation by observing the splendor of the stars and nature itself even if they do not ascribe to the one who is creator overall.

In addition to how eclecticism was described, I enjoyed how the author discussed we often establish referral connections and community resources. This is the same principle that should be applied as Christian counselors to use the Church as a source of exhortation and support in both our personal lives and our professional lives as counselors. The importance of the church and its role in counseling. As a Christian counselor it appears that the author does have a balanced view of how the Gifts of the Spirit and the natural/ supernatural all are integral parts of our relationship with God; however, I do not agree that the gifts of the Spirit and supernatural experiences are limited as referenced by this author in page 243 “Discernment is important so that we distinguish between the unusual experiences that are genuinely from God and those that are not. The real essence of spirituality is living a Christ- pleasing life in the midst of our activities, far removed from thoughts of ecstasy and excitement (Collins, G. p. 244). Although I do not believe we should rely solely on the gifts of the Spirit or supernatural experiences, nor knowledge alone; I believe that supernatural experiences should not be feared nor limited as we cannot keep God in a box. It depends upon how open we are to his presence and to the discretion of the Holy Spirit as to what gifts he bestows upon each of us.

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