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shooting frenzy that leaves nine Simplyhindu.

On “World News Tonight,” Peter Jennings reports that a kind sized jetliner with

in excess of 300 travelers smashed in a turning metal fireball at a Hong Kong

air terminal.

On CNN, there’s a report about the tremor in Turkey, with 2,000

individuals killed.

On the Discovery station, there’s a convenient exceptional on tropical storms and the

fear they make in kids. Typhoon Dennis has effectively struck, Floyd is


At last, they see a nearby news report about a thrill ride mishap at a New

Jersey carnival that kills a mother and her eight-year-old little girl.

Nintendo was rarely this riveting.

“Supper’s prepared!” yells Mom, unconscious that her youngsters might be frightened

by this threatening blend of TV news.

What’s up with this image?

“There’s a LOT amiss with it, however it isn’t so effectively fixable,” notes Linda

Ellerbee, the maker and host of “Scratch News,” the honor winning news

program intended for youngsters ages 8-13, broadcasting on Nickelodeon.

“Watching violence on TV isn’t useful for youngsters and it doesn’t do

much to improve the existences of grown-ups either,” says the anchor, who endeavors to

illuminate kids about world occasions without threatening them. “We’re into

extending children’s cerebrums and there’s nothing we wouldn’t cover,” including

ongoing projects on willful extermination, the Kosovo emergency, supplication in schools, book-

prohibiting, capital punishment, and Sudan slaves.

Yet, Ellerbee underscores the need of parental oversight, protecting

youngsters from unwarranted apprehensions. “During the Oklahoma City besieging, there

were horrendous pictures of youngsters being harmed and killed,” Ellerbee reviews. “Children

needed to know whether they were protected in their beds. In investigations led by

Nickelodeon, we discovered that children discover the news the most over the top alarming thing

on TV.

“Regardless of whether it’s the Gulf War, the Clinton outrage, a brought down jetliner, for sure

occurred in Littleton, you need to console your kids, again and again,

that they will be OK- – that the explanation this story is news is that IT

NEVER HAPPENS. News is the exception…nobody goes on the air

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