What The Immigration Medical Examination Entails

What The Immigration Medical Examination Entails

When an aspirant applies for the Green Card, one of the steps in the entire process is appearing for the Immigration Medical Examination.


Once the applicant fixes up an appointment with the Civil Surgeon, who is specifically appointed by the USCIS, a body which monitors all immigration procedures in the United States of America.

The applicant will be asked whether there are any 身體檢查 symptoms that could imply the following:

• Pulmonary
• Cardiovascular
• Musculoskeletal and
• Neuropsychiatric.

Other symptoms will also be looked out for which would indicate whether the applicant is infected with any of the diseases or not. The Civil Surgeon will check for any infections that could make the person not valid for admission.


A physical examination will then be conducted, where the applicant’s physical organs will be examined – nose, throat, eyes, ears, heart, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, external organs etc.

The applicant’s mental make-up will also be checked – to rule out any mental illness or condition. In this examination the doctor will check for the intelligence, comprehension, mood, behavior and other psychological nuances.

There are certain diseases that render the person inadmissible into the immigration procedure. There will be blood tests and X-rays that are a part of the testing. Fasting need not be done before taking the test, but the doctor should be consulted for this before taking the test.

In case the applicant is sick and cannot take all the tests then a recommendation to the applicant’s family doctor will be made. The applicant can get better and then told to come back and then take the immigration medical exam after some time.

If the applicant has an unusual case and there are some uncertainties then the applicant could be referred to some other doctor to get a second opinion. Further testing too could be performed, if the doctor calls for it.


Once the entire examination is done, a form will be given to the doctor that has to be filled up. In this form, which is called the I-693 the doctor will record the findings of the examination and the testing details.

The applicant will be given a sealed envelope which contains all the details from the doctor. This sealed cover has to be handed over to the USCIS without disturbing the contents.

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